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Colin Ferguson (born July 22, 1972 in Montreal) is a Canadian actor.

Ferguson worked his way up gradually to Hollywood. He used to be a member of the Montreal improv group On The Spot, as well as a founding member of Second City, Detroit. He is cast in many TV series and well as movies. Although born in Canada, he became an American citizen recently. He currently stars as the lead in Eureka, a quirky Sci-Fi network series that began broadcasting in 2006.

Ferguson is a graduate of Appleby College in Oakville, Ontario and Montreal's McGill University.

A strapping blond Canadian actor with chiseled good looks and an easygoing screen presence, Colin Ferguson started out as a standup comic while still in college. The Montreal-born performer won a public speaking contest at age 17 and refined his skills as a comedian and improv performer, eventually co-founding the troupe On the Spot, which has performed numerous times in the "Just for Laughs Festival". From a pool of some 2000 hopefuls, Ferguson was selected to initiate the Detroit satellite of the famed Second City, eventually withdrawing to complete his college education. Once graduated, he landed the lead in "Rowing Through" (1996) which led to his moving to Los Angeles.

After appearances in a handful of busted pilots, Ferguson garnered attention as amnesia victim Burke Andrew in the Showtime miniseries "Armistead Maupin's More Tales of the City" (1998). That same year, he was seen in the flashback sequences as Lisa Kudrow's brother in the superior "The Opposite of Sex". After completing the indie "The Surprise Party" (lensed 1999), in which he starred as the birthday boy, Ferguson made his US TV debut as a series regular as the uptight lawyer and former husband of a book editor (Susan Floyd) who has begun a relationship with a much younger man in the ABC midseason sitcom "Then Came You" (2000).

Ferguson worked with television director Neill Fearnley on a pair of nostalgic, music-minded TV biopics: "Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story" (VH1, 2000), with Ferguson playing the fictionalized character Van Foreman (likely a composite of film director Bob Rafelson and producer Bert Schneider); and "Inside the Osmonds" (ABC, 2001), with Ferguson playing real-life recording executive Mike Curb. He next appeared as Dr. Witt in the much-praised HBO film "We Were the Mulvanys" (2002) based on the well-known Joyce Carol Oates novel, opposite Beau Bridges and Blythe Danner. The actor would at last have his opportunity to become a household name when he was cast as charismatic, cocky Patrick Bateman, the king of conquest amide the sexed-up sextet in NBC's "Coupling" (2003- ), an Americanized version of the hit BBC comedy that was touted as the Must-See TV successor to the departing "Friends."

  • Born:
    on 07/22/1972 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Job Titles:
    Actor, Comedian
  • McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • 1989 At age 17, won public speaking competition in Montreal (date approximate)
  • 1996 Co-starred in the unsold pilot "Texas Graces"
  • 1996 Film debut in the Canadian/Japanese production "Rowing Through"
  • 1997 Appeared in the CBS miniseries "Night Sins"
  • 1998 Had non-speaking role as Martin Donovan's deceased gay lover, seen only in silent home movies and flashback sequences, in "The Opposite of Sex"
  • 1998 Played Burke Andrew in the Showtime miniseries "Armistead Maupin's More Tales of the City"
  • 1999 Starred in the Canadian miniseries "Cover Me"
  • 2000 Had co-starring role in the ABC midseason sitcom "Then Came You"; played the lawyer ex-husband of the leading lady
  • Co-founded On The Spot, a Montreal improv troupe
  • Played leading role in the independent feature "The Surprise Party" (lensed 1999)
  • Selected to become a founding member of the Detroit branch of Second City
  • While in college, began performing standup routines in local clubs

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